Yulin’ With The Page

This holiday season, I found that my Christmas Eve and Christmas night were incomplete. In fact, they have been since 2004. You see, that’s the final year that the fine folks at Sports Page produced their annual Yulin’ With The Page year-end highlights special. In addition to their loyalty to the Canucks and Don Taylor’s infamous “Mighty Dykes” comment, Yulin’ With The Page was what brought Sports Page a cult following in BC. (And the fact that they always provided BCHL scores at a time when it wasn’t the easiest to access such things) Sports Page also ended up being the major training ground for some of the best broadcasters in the business. Check out this alumni including their current occupation:

  • Paul Carson (Marketing & Sales – Team 1040 Vancouver)
  • Jay Durant (Sports – Global TV BC)
  • Dan Elliott (Sports – Global TV BC)
  • Shane Foxman (Media Consultant)
  • Robb Glazier (Retired)
  • John Good (CBC TV Toronto)
  • Chris Hebb (Senior Vice-President of Broadcasting Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment)
  • Barry MacDonald (Morning Show Co-Host – Team 1040 Vancouver)
  • Sean McCormick (On-Air – Sportsnet)
  • Craig MacEwan (On-Air – Sportsnet)
  • Dan Murphy (On-Air – Sportsnet Pacific)
  • Blake Price (Evening Host – Team 1040 Vancouver)
  • Dave Randorf (On-Air – TSN)
  • Scott Rintoul (Morning Show Co-Host – Team 1040 Vancouver)
  • Gord Robson (Sadly passed away at age 56 in Edmonton – March 2008)
  • Richard Saxton (Website Freelance Writer)
  • John Shorthouse (Play-By-Play – Vancouver Canucks)
  • Don Taylor (On-Air – Sportsnet Pacific)

Now there’s something for young broadcasters to aspire for!

Let the memories begin:

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