Cents Awards Ceremony:

The Cents will host their annual awards dinner and ceremony this Thursday at the Merritt Seniors Centre. Tickets are $12 for adults and $5 for kids 12 and under. RSVP to Betty at 250-378-6940. As for the awards themselves, let the debate begin.

Here are the awards up for grabs (and the three players who I think should be in the running):

Most Improved Player: F Colton Sobchak (90), G Kyle Nielsen (90), F Gary Rai (90)
Academic Scholar: D Jake Baker (91), F Jordan Soquila (89), D Steve Tresierra (90)
Most Promising Player: F Dustin Johnson (90), D Jake Baker (91), D Steve Tresierra (90)
Most Gentlemanly Player: D Brad Bourke (89), F Michael Nardi (90), D Jake Baker (91)
Rookie of the Year: D Jake Baker (91), G Kyle Nielsen (90), D Steve Tresierra (90)
Best Defenceman: D Steve Tresierra (90), D Brad Bourke (89), D Jake Baker (91)
Unsung Hero: D Codie Kightley (88), G Kyle Nielsen (90), F Paul Forster (88)
Leadership and Ability: F Paul Forster (88), D Codie Kightley (88), D Steve Tresierra (90)
Most Valuable Player: G Harrison May (89), D Steve Tresierra (90), F Paul Forster (88)
Joe Tennant – Most Dedicated Award: F Paul Forster (88), D Codie Kightley (88), D Casey Fratkin (89)

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