Rebuilding Plans?

This is an idea I borrowed from Aaron Musick’s Colorado Avalanche blog on and I thought a lot of his questions could easily be related to the Cents.

So let me know your answers, I’m interested to see what everyone thinks!

Roster Movement:

1) Which players from the current roster would you keep around?

2) What areas do you see the Cents needing an upgrade in?

3) Which players already in the BCHL would you target for trade to upgrade the Cents needs?

4) Which junior B prospects would you immediately sign and what would you do to make them ready for the BCHL?


5) What management decisions would you make? (remember: you’re the decision-maker)

6) If you make a coaching change, what type do you want?

7) What would your new lines be?


8) What kind of power play strategy would you have?

9) Same question but with the Penalty Kill?

10) What kind of strategy would you want?

11) How would you run training camp?


12) What would you do to make sure the Centennials stay and are successful in Merritt?

If you have anything else to add, don’t hesitate to!

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