Cents Could Be Sold:

What a day for the Centennials!

The other big news to come out of the media conference this morning is that it appears Brent Stark is ready to step forward as owner of the team. Stark is currently owner of the junior B Whitecourt Wolverines, where new Cents coach and GM Joey Bouchard spent the past two seasons, and will need to follow the BCHL protocol to purchase the franchise.

Stark was very clear on his intentions to keep the Centennials in Merritt, based on the support the community gives the franchise. There has yet to be an application of the sale to the league and once there is, the BCHL will do the same legwork it does for any perspective buyer of a franchise (like approving a financial plan and a budget) before the league’s governors vote on the sale.

That being said, Stark will reportedly sign a letter of intent to buy the team and issue a substantial non-refundable down payment. With Bouchard on board as coach and GM, it would appear that Stark is confident that the BCHL will approve the sale once the due process is completed.

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