Cents Black-White Intrasquad Game:

Was at last night’s Cents Black-White Intrasquad game before close to 200 fans at the Nicola Valley Memorial Arena. Team White beat Team Black 8-3.

Scoring Summary:

First Period

1. Black, Alex Valenti (unassisted) 4:11

2. White, Colton Sobchak (Thomas Hardy, Shawn Maktaak) 19:34

Second Period

3. White, Derek Hills (Sobchak) :50

4. White, Sobchak (Brent Baltus, Zach MacLellan) 3:22

5. Black, Matt Luongo (Dustin Johnson, Jordan Hirano) 4:26

6. White, Jeremy Long (Maktaak, Hills) 4:45

7. White, Sobchak (Kameran Crawford) 5:54

8. White, Sylvan Harper (Sean Pesut, Maktaak) 8:20

9. Black, Valenti (Alessio Tomasetti, Jeff Zmurchyk) 9:15

10. White, Crawford (unassisted) 19:41

Third Period

11. White, Mike Nardi (Patrick Martens, Crawford) 10:12

Here are the team rosters:

Team Black

Co-coaches: Bill Pierce, Cliff Nokleby

Dustin Johnson
Gary Rai
Alex Valenti
Alessio Tomassetti
Ryan Aynsley
Matt Luongo
Jordan Hirano
Jake Newman
Ben Greenaway
Daylan Robertson
Briar McNaney
Bruce Swakum

Steve Tresierra
Jeff Zmurchyk
Jake Baker
Ryan Skinner
Ryan Murray

Kyle Nielsen
Norbert Biszczak

Team White

Co-coaches: Shane Sanderson, Pat McCormack

Jordan Soquila
Thomas Hardy
Mike Nardi
Colton Sobchak
Sean Pesut
Jeremy Long
Sylvan Harper
Patrick Martens
Payton Schaefer
Brent Baltus
Shawn Maktaak

Ryne Bodger
Derek Hills
Matt Mazzarolo
Zach MacLellan
Chase McLeod
Kameran Crawford

Spencer Bacon
Michael Tomescu

Scratched players: Kevin Philp, Daniel Chang, Stephen Wall, Brad Bourke

The game featured four fights as Dustin Johnson dropped the mitts twice, with Kameran Crawford and also with Matt Mazzarolo. Alessio Tomassetti took on Shawn Maktaak and Ryan Aynsley tussled with Derek Hills.

Kyle Nielsen started in goal for Team White and allowed a total of six goals, but I found out after the game that he’s battling an injury right now. Norbert Biszczak looked strong in goal after taking over from Nielsen midway through the second period, giving up just two goals. Spencer Bacon got the start for Team Black and gave up all three goals his team allowed. Michael Tomescu came in at the game’s midpoint and didn’t allow a goal through the second half.

There was a scary incident in the second period when Derek Hills hit Ben Greenaway dangerously into the boards. Greenaway lay on the ice for quite some time, before getting up and skating off under his own power, but he was clutching his shoulder and wrist as he went off. I later learned that he has suffered what is thought to be a dislocated shoulder.

After the game, eight more players were reassigned to other teams: Ben Greenaway, Daylan Robertson, Briar McNaney, Ryan Murray, Sean Pesut, Jeremy Long, Patrick Martens and Chase McLeod. The cuts leave the Cents with a total of 34 players still in camp, including the four that didn’t play last night. Bruce Swakum and Payton Schaefer are the two local Merritt players still with the team. Although I know the coaches were very impressed with Daylan Robertson but at 14, he’s too young to play in the BCHL right now. I think it’s safe to say that he’ll be on the Cents radar for the next couple seasons.

Here’s who’s still with the team heading into the exhibition season:


Matt Luongo (91) – Grandview (PIJHL)
Jake Newman (92) –
Sylvan Harper (92) – Vancouver NE (MML)
Colton Sobchak (90) – Cents
Kevin Philp (90) – Cents
Stephen Wall (91) – Spruce Grove (AJHL)
Dustin Johnson (90) – Cents
Thomas Hardy (91) – Burnaby (BCHL)
Bruce Swakum (91) – Merritt Midgets
Brent Baltus (92) – North Island (MML)
Shawn Maktaak (92) – Creston Valley (KIJHL)
Daniel Chang (91) – Valencia (WSHL)
Alessio Tomassetti (89) – Cents
Michael Nardi (90) – Cents
Jordan Hirano (92) – Fernie (KIJHL)
Alex Valenti (89) – Cents/North Bay (OJHL)
Gary Rai (90) – Cents
Ryan Aynsley (90) – Cents
Payton Schaefer (93) – Thompson Blazers
Jordan Soquila (89) – Cents


Steve Tresierra (90) – Cents
Matt Mazzarolo (90) – Cents
Zach MacLellan (92) – Columbia Valley (KIJHL)
Brad Bourke (89) – Cents
Derek Hills (90) – Powell River (BCHL)
Jake Baker (91) – Cents
Kameran Crawford (91) – Grand Forks (KIJHL)
Ryan Skinner (92) – Thompson Blazers
Ryne Bodger (90) – Powell River (BCHL)
Jeff Zmurchyk (90) – Trail (BCHL)


Michael Tomescu (91) – Abbotsford (PIJHL)
Kyle Nielsen (90) – Cents
Norbert Biszczak (90) – North Delta (PIJHL)
Spencer Bacon (92) – Bradford (GMHL)

I’ll an interview I did with Cents head coach Dylan Forsythe posted later today.

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