Cents News & Notes:

I apologize again for the lack of posting in the last few days, it’s Rodeo Fair Days here in Merritt and with this being the first weekend of full-time programming at the radio station and my son’s first birthday, things have been pretty crazy outside of the blogosphere. But there are a few things to note with the Cents.

The team finished the pre-season with a 1-4-0-0 record after today’s 6-5 loss to Westside. The Cents wound up with 17 goals-for and 34 goals-against, which is by far the most in the BCHL. With eight defencemen with BCHL experience, I think it’s only a matter of time before one or more of them is moved for either a goaltender or some scoring help up front.


The Cents do have another goaltender with them. This time it’s Cole Holowenko (93) who was recently cut by the WHL’s Chilliwack Bruins. Holowenko is 6’2″ and 185 lbs. He played midget last season in Penticton and was the second goaltender drafted in the 2008 WHL Bantam Draft. The Bruins selected him in the third round, 51st overall. Holowenko was brought in on the heels of Justin Grevious (89) making his Cents debut is the second half of Friday’s 10-4 loss to Salmon Arm. Surely the Centennials wouldn’t expect a 16 year old to assume the number one goaltending duties, would they? I’ve got a feeling that if he performs, age won’t mean anything.


Daniel Chang with the Valencia Flyers

According to the Valencia Flyers of the WSHL, forward Daniel Chang (91) has been carded by the Cents. The article reporting the signing is here. Chang is still with the Centennials, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the signing is simply a formality now. Of course a transfer from an American league involves USA Hockey and BC Hockey, so I’m sure the paperwork is in motion. Chang looked very strong in training camp and we’ll see if he’s ready for the grind of the BCHL season, and ready to put some points up on the board as the Cents need him to do.


Cents GM and assistant coach Tyler Forsythe confirmed to me that they made a number of cuts after today’s game against Westside, but wasn’t be willing to go public with those cuts until tomorrow, so I should have an update then.


  1. As a fan you have to wonder what the new coaching staff is thinking when Kyle Neilsen our proven goaltender comes into camp in better shape then all the players. He doesn't let in a goal in the Abbotsford camp and they give up on him. They put him in against Penticton with a rookie line up against there vets. Did they want him to fail?


  2. I'm not sure what Dylan, Luke and Tyler's thoughts are on Nielsen. Granted they didn't see him at spring camp, I would hope that some of the other team personnel that were there (Brian Barrett, Tod Dean) would let them know how he performed. That being said, Nielsen is no more proven as a number one goaltender in the BCHL than any other they've had in camp, but he is proven as a very solid back-up because he performed that role very well last season.


  3. Maybe he is not proven as a number one but he proved enough to out play G. Gordon enough to back up May. He bailed out May a lot down the stretch and didn't quit on his team mates with a deflated team in front of him. At least he has played in this league. Has the other tenders? He has done more than enough to stay on this team. The coaching staff made a big mistake here.


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