Cents Broadcast Contests & Online Broadcasts:

I just wanted to let all my trusty blog readers that there are a couple of contests we have hooked up on Q101 that are associated with our Cents broadcasts.

First we have the Grand Pub & Grill Power Play contest. Basically you enter your name at the Grand in Merritt and when the Cents get a power play, play-by-play man Alex Grebenyuk will draw a name and if Merritt scores, you’ll win a $20 gift certificate from the Grand. If the Cents don’t score a power play in a game and we don’t have a winner, the $20 prize gets added to the next game. For example, obviously the Cents didn’t score a power play goal on Friday against Prince George, so the prize for Wednesday’s game against Burnaby is $40.

Our second contest is the Han’s Golden Wok Hat Trick contest. Again, you enter your name at Han’s in the Best Western in Merritt and during each Cents broadcast, Alex will draw a name and if a Cents player scores a hat trick in that game, you’ll win a $20 gift certificate from Han’s. The contest works the same as the Power Play contest in that if there’s no winner, the prize continues to grow, meaning that this Wednesday’s prize in the Hat Trick contest is also $40.

I also wanted to mention about the online broadcasts, both video and audio, of the Cents games from here in Merritt. We’ve had our share of issues in getting the broadcasts to work properly in the last year, but I think that FINALLY I’ve gotten everything sorted out. If the broadcast doesn’t work for you, either video or audio, for any of Merritt’s home games, please let me know by emailing me at mornings@Q101.ca. The more info you can give me, the better and I’ll do my best to fix the problem, IF it’s at our end. In the New Year, Q101 hopes to be streaming online with a website, so that should make things easier for fans afar wanting to listen to live Cents hockey.

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