Merritt vs. Vernon in jeopardy:

First off, I have heard the rumours about tomorrow’s game between the Cents and Vipers being postponed and there is a very real chance that could happen. A number of the Centennials players are very sick and pretty much the entire team went to the doctor’s yesterday to be checked out. I can’t confirm it, but have also heard that a number of Vipers players are sick as well. I would hope that the league would keep the best interest of the players in mind here and reschedule this game for later in the season if neither team has a lineup healthy enough to play. The health and well-being of all involved is much more important than wins or losses.

I had the chance to speak with Cents head coach Dylan Forsythe prior to practice today. Here’s what he had to say:

Cents Head Coach Dylan Forsythe
Click here to download

All audio property of Merritt Broadcasting Ltd.

I’ll have the usual “Tale of the Tape” posted tomorrow.

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