BCHL Governors Approve Balanced Schedule in the Interior:

One of the highlights of Day One of the BCHL’s Annual General Meeting is the decision to return to a balanced schedule in the Interior Conference. I had the chance to talk to Brian Barrett this morning about the AGM.

Cents Governor and Director of Hockey Operations Brian Barrett


So with the change in schedule, the Cents season breaks down like this:

vs. Trail (four times home, four times away)
vs. Salmon Arm, Vernon, Quesnel, Prince George, Penticton, Westside (three times home, three times away)
vs. Alberni Valley, Cowichan Valley, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Nanaimo, Powell River, Surrey, Langey (one time home, one time away)

The other issue that Brian mentioned took up much of the time yesterday was the idea of “standardizing” things like budgets and season ticket amounts across the league. It appears no decision will be made on this issue this weekend and the document will be voted on by the governors within the next couple of weeks.


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