First Round of Cents Training Camp Cuts, Recent Moves:

The Cents pared their training camp roster down to 58 players (plus returnees and signees Jakob Reichert and Jared Andersen) today with the first round of cuts.

I had the chance to chat with Cents assistant coach Chad DeLeeuw after the last players were evaluated and released.

Cents Assistant Coach Chad DeLeeuw
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Returning players Jeff Jones, Kam Crawford, Dustin Johnson, Austin Baecker, Alexander MacMillan, David Sabey, Steve Tresierra, Stephen Wall, Silvan Harper and acquisition Jared Andersen joined practice tonight and will take part in scrimmages starting tomorrow. Defenceman Jordan Paddock (93) isn’t included on any of the roster sheets the team handed out, but Cents coach and GM Luke Pierce assured me that Paddock is still in camp. Here are the new teams after the first round of cuts:

Team White

Jeff Jones (91) – Merritt Centennials (BCHL)
Kyle Clerke (92) – Okanagan Rockets (BCMML)
Evan Stack (91) – Princeton Posse (KIJHL)
Jakob Reichert (93) – Revelstoke Grizzlies (KIJHL)
Brandon Briere (92) – Chase Chiefs (KIJHL)
Dylan Playfair (92) – Penticton Lakers (KIJHL)
Ben Reinbolt (92) – Princeton Posse (KIJHL)
Brendan Colter (93) – Merritt Midget Rep
Chris Williamson (91) – HC Ambri-Priotta U20 (SUI)
Daylan Robertson (94) – Merritt Midget Rep

Kameran Crawford (91) – Merritt Centennials (BCHL)
Corey Dubbledam (93) – Vancouver NE Chiefs (BCMML)
Brandon Pfeil (92) – Grandview Steelers (PIJHL)
Billy Marshall (91) – Princeton Posse (KIJHL)
Daniel Buchanan (93) – Thompson Blazers (BCMML)

Ryan Garber (91) – Grand Forks Border Bruins (KIJHL)
Dylan Quinn (93) – Prince George Midget AAA
Michael Hails (94) – Vernon Midget AAA

Team Black

Dustin Johnson (90) – Merritt Centennials (BCHL)
Brett Orser (92) – Mission Icebreakers (PIJHL)
Caleb Staniland (92) – Aldergrove Kodiaks (PIJHL)
Jordan Salahor (93) – Okanagan Rockets (BCMML)
Max Vallis (91) – PF Changs U18 AAA
Colten Defrias (91) – Chase Chiefs (KIJHL)
Briar McNaney (93) – Columbia Valley Rockies (KIJHL)
Brent Baltus (92) – North Island Silvertips (BCMML)
Dane Carlson (93) – Cranbrook Ice AA
Jeffrey Coates (91) – Okanagan Hockey Academy Prep AAAA

Austin Baecker (92) – Merritt Centennials (BCHL)
Richard Sabourin (92) – Okanagan Rockets (BCMML)
Taylor Greatrex (92) – North Okanagan Knights (KIJHL)
Conor McCoach (93) – Vancouver North East Chiefs (BCMML)
Tim Martens (92) – Princeton Posse (KIJHL)

Jared Andersen (90) – Grand Prairie Storm (AJHL)
Layne Swier (91) – Blackfalds Wranglers (HJHL)

Team Red

Stephen Wall (91) – Merritt Centennials (BCHL)
Silvan Harper (92) – Merritt Centennials (BCHL)
Brad Robinson (92) – Kerry Park Islanders (VIJHL)
Dustin Lebrun (92) – Vancouver North East Chiefs (BCMML)
Chad Brears (91) – Princeton Posse (KIJHL)
Dylan Sahara (93) – Penticton Midget AAA
Eric Schmidt (93) – Merritt Midget Rep
Brent Fletcher (92) – New Westminster Midget Royals
Brock Wellicome (93) – Valley West Hawks (BCMML)
Josh McSkimming (93) – Cranbrook Ice AA

Jeff Zmurchyk (90) – Merritt Centennials (BCHL)
Lucas Hildebrand (91) – Grand Forks Border Bruins (KIJHL)
Adrian Coulter (93) – Fort St. James Midget Stars
Doug Chadwick (92) – Chase Chiefs (KIJHL)
Brandon Parmar (93) – South Island Thunderbirds (BCMML)

Mitchell Sheridan (92) – Princeton Posse (KIJHL)
Jared Rathjen (94) – Cariboo Cougars (BCMML)

Team Blue

Alexander MacMillan (90) – Merritt Centennials (BCHL)
David Sabey (91) – Merritt Centennials (BCHL)
Colton Schell (92) – Penticton Lakers (KIJHL)
Sean Maktaak (92) – Creston Thundercats (KIJHL)
Regan Soquila (93) – Vancouver North East Chiefs (BCMML)
Kevin Kassulat (91) – MN Flying Aces (MNJHL)
Payton Schaefer (93) – Merritt Midget Rep
Joshua McGladdery (92) – Notre Dame Argos Midget AAA
River Lafferty (94) – Carlyle Cougars
Marco Finucci – (91) – Squamish Wolf Pack (PIJHL)

Steve Tresierra (90) – Merritt Centennials (BCHL)
Brett Defrias (93) – Kamloops Storm (KIJHL)
Ryan Skinner (92) – Kamloops Storm (KIJHL)
Mitchell Hewson (93) – Okanagan Rockets (BCMML)
Tyler Jones (92) – Castlegar Rebels (KIJHL)

Dusty Hyde (91) – Cold Lake Ice (NEAJBHL)
Cole Buckley (92) – Revelstoke Grizzlies (KIJHL)
Russel Sanderson (94) – Merritt Midget Rep

Here’s what the remainder of camp looks like:

Thursday August 26th, 2010

Fitness Testing
Red/Black: 8:30am – 10:00am
Blue/White: 10:00am – 11:30am

Ice Time
Red vs. Black: 12:30pm – 1:45pm
Blue vs. White: 2:15pm – 3:30pm

Goaltender Session 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Ice Time
Red vs. White: 5:30pm – 6:45pm
Black vs. Blue: 7:15pm – 8:30pm

Friday August 27th, 2010

Ice Time
Black vs. White: 8:30am – 9:45am
Player Interviews: 10:00am – 11:00am

Ice Time
Blue vs. Red: 11:00am – 12:15pm
Player Interviews: 12:30pm – 1:30pm

*All remaining players will participate in the Annual Intrasquad game. Subsequent meetings for all remaining players will occur in the later afternoon.

2010 Merritt Centennials Intrasquad Game


Warm Up 5:55pm
Game Time: 6:30pm

*Final Evaluation
(Coaching staff will meet with all players remaining in camp)


D Willie Mitchell (Kelowna, 1994-95) signed a two year contract worth 3.5 million dollars per season with Los Angeles Kings (NHL). Mitchell scored four goals and eight assists in 48 games with Vancouver Canucks (NHL) last season. . . .

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