Merritt Minor Hockey Association Executive Short 12 Volunteers, Including President and Secretary:

The Merritt Minor Hockey Association needs volunteers in a bad way after last night’s Annual General Meeting.

12 executive positions are unfilled, including President, Secretary, Coach Co-ordinator, Timekeeper and Public Relations.

Here’s a complete list of the executive:
President – vacant
1st Vice-President – Mike Bjarnason
2nd Vice-President – Shane Jarvie
Secretary – vacant
Registrar – Elaine Grant Gill
Ice Ambassador – Sonya Lang
Risk Manager – Lynn Tulliani
Equipment Manager – Trent Dolgopol
Female Division Director – Laura Christy
Referee In Chief – Kerry Ashley
Assistant Ref-In Chief – Ian Webster
Superleague Director – Shelley Tomkinson
Power Skating Director – Lynn Tulliani
Past President – Scott Robertson
Coach Coordinator – vacant
Public Relations – vacant
Trophies & Awards – vacant
Initiation Director – vacant
Novice Director – vacant
Atom House Director – vacant
Peewee House Director – vacant
Bantam House Director – vacant
Midget House Director – vacant
Timekeeper – vacant

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