Cents Summer Depth Chart:

With the signing of Dylan Chanter earlier this month, I decided to take a look at the Centennials depth chart with nine weeks to go until training camp.


Chad Brears (91)
Evan Stack (91)
Max Vallis (91)
David Sabey (91)
Steve Wall (91)
Brent Fletcher (92)
Silvan Harper (92)
Dustin Lebrun (92)
Sean Maktaak (92)
Dylan Playfair (92)
Jakob Reichert (93)
Regan Soquila (93)


Billy Marshall (91)
Kameran Crawford (91)
Richard Sabourin (92)
Brandon Pfeil (92)
Reece Willcox (94)
Dylan Chanter (95)


Lino Chimienti (91)
Tyler Steel (93)

The easiest thing to note with the Cents roster, and I’ve said it before, is that there are too many 1991-born players, which means two will have to go before the team even steps on the ice on September 23rd.

The other thing you’ll notice with this list, is that there are 20 players on it. BCHL rules implemented this year state that teams aren’t allowed more than 21 players. Even if you subtract the two 1991-born players who need to be either traded or released, that would mean three open spots for the Cents heading into the season.

Assuming there are just three open spots is a little misleading too. Max Vallis has been drafted by teams in both the NAHL and the USHL and you would think is being courted by one or both of those teams, which means he may not return to Merritt.

Another thing to consider is that despite all the advances made by the Cents in 2010-11, this is still a club that got swept in the first round of the playoffs and Head Coach and GM Luke Pierce will strive to put the best team on the ice, regardless of who’s wearing the jersey. I would suggest that no returning player come to camp in August assuming that their spot on this team is guaranteed.

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