2011-12 Merritt Centennials Schedule Released:

I managed to get my hands on the Centennials 2011-12 regular season schedule and although the start times aren’t yet available, at least we know when Merritt plays all the other teams in the BCHL.

I’ll break down the schedule by numbers in the next day or two.

Date Home Away
Sept 23-11 Prince George Merritt
Sept 24-11 Prince George Merritt
Sept 28-11 Trail Merritt
Sept 30-11 Merritt Trail
Oct 01-11 Merritt Westside
Oct 05-11 Penticton Merritt
Oct 07-11 Westside Merritt
Oct 08-11 Merritt Vernon
Oct 13-11 Merritt Powell River
Oct 14-11 Merritt Salmon Arm
Oct 16-11 Merritt Chilliwack
Oct 21-11 Merritt Surrey
Oct 23-11 Merritt Cowichan Valley
Oct 28-11 Salmon Arm Merritt
Oct 29-11 Penticton Merritt
Nov 02-11 Salmon Arm Merritt
Nov 04-11 Merritt Salmon Arm
Nov 05-11 Penticton Merritt
Nov 11-11 Merritt Prince George
Nov 17-11 Merritt Prince George
Nov 18-11 Merritt Chilliwack
Nov 19-11 Penticton Merritt
Nov 23-11 Westside Merritt
Nov 25-11 Merritt Prince George
Nov 26-11 Prince George Merritt
Nov 30-11 Trail Merritt
Dec 02-11 Vernon Merritt
Dec 03-11 Merritt Vernon
Dec 07-11 Chilliwack Merritt
Dec 09-11 Prince George Merritt
Dec 10-11 Merritt Trail
Dec 13-11 Merritt Penticton
Dec 16-11 Merritt Salmon Arm
Dec 17-11 Westside Merritt
Dec 29-11 Merritt Westside
Dec 30-11 Chilliwack Merritt
Jan 06-12 Salmon Arm Merritt
Jan 07-12 Vernon Merritt
Jan 13-12 Merritt Vernon
Jan 14-12 Merritt Chilliwack
Jan 15-12 Merritt Langley
Jan 18-12 Merritt Westside
Jan 20-12 Alberni Valley Merritt
Jan 21-12 Victoria Merritt
Jan 22-12 Nanaimo Merritt
Jan 25-12 Merritt Penticton
Jan 28-12 Chilliwack Merritt
Feb 03-12 Vernon Merritt
Feb 04-12 Westside Merritt
Feb 10-12 Vernon Merritt
Feb 14-12 Merritt Vernon
Feb 17-12 Coquitlam Merritt
Feb 18-12 Merritt Chilliwack
Feb 24-12 Merritt Trail
Feb 25-12 Merritt Penticton
Feb 29-12 Trail Merritt
Mar 01-12 Merritt Penticton
Mar 06-12 Merritt Salmon Arm
Mar 09-12 Trail Merritt
Mar 10-12 Merritt Trail

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