Nanaimo-Grande Prairie Trade:

For the second time in three days, D Scott Milnthorp (92) is on the move as Nanaimo traded him to Grande Prairie of the AJHL today for future considerations.

Milnthorp is now with his third team this off-season after being acquired by Prince George as futures from an earlier deal with Grande Prairie and then moved to Nanaimo in last week’s trade between the Clippers and Spruce Kings that saw the Fitzgerald triplets among others move to PG.

Milnthorp is obviously no stranger to GP as he was moved there last October by the Cents in the three way trade between the Storm and Victoria. I’ll admit I’m a bit surprised by this move though, because Clippers coach and GM Mike Vandekamp obviously traded for Milnthorp last season, so I thought that he would have found a home in Nanaimo after Vandekamp traded for him again. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors though, maybe Milnthorp didn’t want to leave northern Alberta in the first place and wasn’t going to report to the Clippers. I have no idea if that’s true, but it could be.

Regardless, here’s how the latest move breaks down…

To Grande Prairie:
D Scott Milnthorp (92)
To Nanaimo:
Future Considerations

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