Cents Looking for Billet Families for 2011-12 Season:

The Cents are on the lookout for billet families once again this season.

Here’s from the team’s website:


Merritt, BC – August 15, 2011

The Merritt Centennials Billet Family Program plays a major role in our team’s success both on and off the ice. It takes special people to open their homes and hearts to our players and we take the utmost care to ensure our players are placed in environments that are conductive to care, understanding and safety.

We ask that our players be treated like any other member of your family. It is important that the player respects the rules of his billet family and the billet family respects the rules of the hockey club. The values and principles for success that are essential to become a member of the Merritt Centennials will be demanded at the rink, in the home, in the community and in school.

· Single or double bed per player
· Dresser and closet space
· Towels and shower supplies are responsibility of billet family
· Players may share a room with another player, but not with billet family members
· Laundry and mending are usually done by the billet family, but the player is encouraged to help
· Dry cleaning is player’s responsibility
· Long distance phone calls are player’s responsibility
· Parking space is required for players’ car (if applicable)
· A desk or table with adequate lighting for school work
· A computer with Internet access

The Merritt Centennials currently provide the following benefits to our billet families:

· A monthly stipend to help cover costs
· A full 30-game season ticket for each family member living in the household

If you and your family are interested in hosting a Centennials player and would like some more information, please contact Head Coach and GM Luke Pierce at 378-3607 or email luke@merrittcentenials.com

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