Penticton-Salmon Arm Trade:

(Bryce Gervais is the newest member of the Penticton Vees)

On the heels of a pretty big trade last week between the Vees and Silverbacks, the future considerations involved in the deal have been revealed. The original deal was F Myles McCauley (91), F Garrett Hendrickson (92) and futures from Penticton to Salmon Arm for futures.

Thanks to the power of the internet, the particulars of the future considerations are becoming public sooner than the parties involved wanted.

Fraser Rodgers has the deets on his blog (over there on the left), but essentially the completion of F Bryce Gervais (92) moving to Penticton was supposed to announced on Monday after he played this weekend for Salmon Arm. After the deal was leaked online (on the BCHL Message Board among other places), Fred Harbinson felt it necessary to inform D Shane Hanna (94) that he would be the Vees player joining the Silverbacks in the trade.

The trade officially breaks down like this:

To Penticton:
F Bryce Gervais (92)
To Salmon Arm:
D Shane Hanna (94)
F Myles McCauley (91)
F Garrett Hendrickson (92)

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