Month: April 2012

Where Are They Now: Coquitlam Express

Continuing on with my look at BCHL team alumni, let’s move to the Coquitlam Express. I’ve included graduates from the Express’ days in Burnaby because nothing has really changed other than the franchise location.  

Jake Areshenko Baldwin Barr Bay Bennett Brodie Campbell Challier Cipparone Courtnall Crowder Cumberbirch De Jersey Denis Edmondson Eng Faryna Finucci Forster Geerin Grassi Haber Hartley Herold Hughes Hunt Irwin Kravtchouk Leavold Leidl Manley Mason Mazur McNeely Merth Milan Milner Niederkorn Pao Paolo Perry Puskar Reid Reid Ridley Santorelli Seabrook Simoes Smith Soares Soquila Stanimir Thomson Turris Valenti Vandenberg Verheyden Vetere Wiercioch Williams Hudson Mahoney-Wilson May Begert Bennett Grecica Jones Krgovich Ladd Lamacchia Leitch Lucic Martens Mazzarolo McIntosh Sommerfeld Straight Towns Yip Dekanich Jones

Where Are They Now: Chilliwack Chiefs

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I’m still trying to figure out what the future is of the blog. In the meantime, let’s continue with my “Where Are They Now” feature. Continuing alphabetically with the BCHL, today it is the Chilliwack Chiefs. 

Steve Balint Belanger Birch Brunton Cosgrove Czuba Emmerson Estrada Gauthier Germain Horcoff Hunt Hunt Julseth-White Klochkov Kremyr Krog Lunden MacKinnon Maloney Martz McClay Nichols Ranallo Rutherford Santorelli Tambellini Van Der Gulik Vanoosten Yopyk Emond Ward

Where Are They Now: Alberni Valley Bulldogs

As a new feature on the blog, I thought I’d take a look at former BCHL players from each organization to see where they are playing now that their junior A careers are over. 
I haven’t included players who have moved to another junior league in the US or Canada, only those who have moved onto college or pro hockey, either in North America or Europe. 
Players who played for more than one BCHL team will be featured in the list of whichever teams they played for. Also, for consistency purposes, the Chilliwack Chiefs history won’t include players who played for the Quesnel Millionaires and the Langley Rivermen history won’t include players who played for the Langley Chiefs. 
I’ll list each player alphabetically and start alphabetically in the BCHL, so up first is the Alberni Valley Bulldogs.  

Adam Baldassarre Bonar Brocklehurst Cecere Chong Corcoran Dziurzynski Edwards Ella Flynn Hatch Kang Kerr Krantz Kremyr Lewis Lynott MacMillan MacMillan McGowan Michalchuk Mohler Moriarty Morikawa Moulson Murdoch Noble Payne Perry Pettitt Phaneuf Pineiro Principalli Raibl Ranallo Ray Reaney Reppucci Riddle Robinson Rogic Ross Ross Ruel Sandor Scofield Smeltzer Thomson Tonello Verheyden Zolnierczyk Scott Lewan May Rundell Slubowski Stewart