Victoria-Dauphin Trade:

In a strange turn of events, the Victoria Grizzlies and Dauphin Kings of the MJHL made their third trade with each other in the last six months.
According to the just-updated transactions page on the BCHL website, the Grizzlies have moved F Jeff Archibald (92) and F Taylor Wells (92) to the Kings for future considerations in a deal dated May 1st.
What we didn’t know was that Archibald and Wells were originally traded to Victoria after the season as the future considerations from the January 10th trade that sent G Jamie Tucker (91) and F Mike Collins (91) to Dauphin. I placed a call to Grizzlies Governor Mark Wagstaff today and he confirmed that was indeed the case.
From what I can tell, Dauphin still owes Victoria futures, whether or not that is cash or more players to be named later remains to be seen.

So I guess for now the trade looks like this:

To Dauphin:
G Jamie Tucker (91) Mike Collins (91) Victoria:
F Jeff Archibald (92) Taylor Wells (92) then:

To Dauphin:
Archibald and Wells

To Victoria:
Future Considerations

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