Trail-Brooks Trade:

The Trail Smoke Eaters continue to revamp their last place club with off-season acquisitions and this time it completes the future considerations portion of a trade from January 5, 2012.
The deal, which originally saw D Tanner Hicks (92) moved to Brooks of the AJHL for future considerations, now sees D Maddison Smiley (94) join Trail from the Bandits.
Unfortunately for Bill Birks and the Smoke Eaters, Smiley may never wear Trail’s jersey as Tyler King, who is the Fort McMurray Oil Barons play-by-play announcer, Tweeted this yesterday afternoon:

Brooks Bandits trade ’94 D Maddison Smiley to Trail (BCHL) as futures, but unlikely to report

I guess the optimist would say that Trail now has another chip to use in a trade, so we’ll see what transpires as we get closer and closer to the start of the 2012-13 season.
The deal hasn’t been reported on either the Smoke Eaters or the Bandits website, but was posted under “Transactions” on the BCHL website yesterday.
Regardless of what happens with Smiley’s rights, as of now, this trade breaks down like this:

To Trail Smoke Eaters:
D Maddison Smiley (94) Brooks Bandits:
D Tanner Hicks (92)

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