Coquitlam Express – Graduating Players & Eligible Returnees:

With the 2012-13 BCHL season officially done, the four non-playoff teams immediately begin looking toward next season. 
With future considerations from this season’s trades potentially turning into players for next season, recruiting, and players moving on due to age or college commitments, there’s no shortage of work to be done before the 2013-14 season starts in September at the 2nd Annual BCHL Showcase. 

Granted these teams would rather be in the playoffs and have less time to prepare for next season, but they can take the opportunity to start building now.

I’ll break down over the next four posts what Coquitlam, Cowichan Valley, Vernon, and Trail are looking at roster-wise heading into the off-season. These will likely change as players look to move to other leagues like the WHL, USHL, NAHL, are included in trades, retire, or wind up committing to post-secondary institutions before September and don’t return to their BCHL clubs.
The depth chart is based on coaches going with a 22-man roster of 13 forwards, 7 defensemen and 2 goaltenders.

So let’s start with the Coquitlam Express.

Graduating Players
F Zach Pryzbek (Brown University)
F Lars Hepso (over age)
F Malcolm McKinney (University of Vermont)
D Bradley Ryan (University of Vermont)
D Cal Hofford (Northern Michigan University)
D Michael Maciag (over age)
G Cole Huggins (Minnesota State University)
Eligible Returnees (Depth Chart – * indicates an open spot)
Justin Georgeson (93)
Sam Majka (93)
Adam Rossignol (93)
Travis Stephens (93)
Will Cook (94)
Mitchell Fyffe (94) 
Brandon Morley (94)
Garrett Forster (95)
Adam Rockwood (95)

Ben Israel (94)
Marc Biega (94)
Cameron Marks (95)

Daniel Urbani (95)
At this point, the Express only have four 20-year-olds for next season and although they are far from guaranteed a spot on the team, Coquitlam still technically has room to add two 1993-born players without removing anyone from its current roster.
Coquitlam moved John Siemer, Philip Zielonka and Mitch Nardi at the trade deadline with futures coming back to the Express in each deal. Although my thoughts are purely speculation, I wouldn’t be surprised if Coquitlam didn’t receive a bounty of players in return as part of each deal.

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