Trail Smoke Eaters – Eligible Returnees & Graduating Players:

The Trail Smoke Eaters came oh-so-close to clinching the final playoff spot in the Interior Division, only to be edged out by Salmon Arm with two days left in the regular season.

The Smokies have a solid core set to return next season and had a major improvement over 2011-12.

Graduating Players

F Brent Baltus (University of Alaska-Anchorage)
F Garrett McMullen (RIT)
F Tyler Berkholtz (over age)
D Djordje Leposavic (over age)
D Bennett Hambrook (over age)
Eligible Returnees (Depth Chart – * indicates an open spot)

Luke Sandler (93)
Connor Collett (93)
Austin Adduono (93)
Riley McDougall (93) 
Jesse Knowler (94) 
Adam Wheeldon (94)
Bryce Knapp (94)
Scott Davidson (95) 
Jake Lucchini (95)
Mitch Foyle (96) 



Braden Pears (93)
Marley Keca (93)
Shane Poulsen (94)
Valik Chichkin (94)
Braeden Jones (94) 



Lyndon Stanwood (93)
Adam Todd (94)

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