Langley Rivermen – Eligible Returnees & Graduating Players:

Graduating Players

Austin Azurdia (University of Connecticut)
Evan Campbell (University of Massachusettes-Lowell)
Mario Puskarich (University of Vermont)
Logan Smith (College of the Holy Cross)
Derek Sutliffe (overage)

Eligible Returnees (Depth Chart – * indicates an open spot – assuming the team goes with 13 forwards and 7 defensemen)

Mitch McLain (93)
Jakob Reichert (93) 
Trevor Cope (94)
James Robinson (94)
Matt Ustaski (94)
Nathan Craft (94)
Marco Romano (94)
Evan Anderson (95)
Ben Butcher (95)

Mark Whiteley (93)

Turner Popoff (94)
Aaron Dolby (94)

Viktor Dombrovskiy (95)
Tanner Johnson (95
Austin Bietenbeck (95)

James Barr (93)
Darren Hogg (93)

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