Coquitlam Express – Where Are They Now?

Matt Amado Areshenko Atkinson Axford Baldwin Barr Bell Bennett Bettauer Bokla Bourne Brodie Bruce Campbell Challier Charles Cipparone Collins Courtnall Crowder Cumberbirch De Jersey De Jersey Denis Dotan Edmondson Eng Faryna Finucci Forster Geerin Gelley Gemmell Grassi Grecica Hardy Hartley Herold Hughes Hunt Hutchinson Isherwood Ius Jones Kravtchouk Krueger Ladd Leidl Lamacchia Love Lucic Mackie-Kwist Manley Martens Mazzarolo McDonald McIntosh McNeely Merth Milan Milner Murphy Niederkorn Pao Paolo Perry Petan Pfeil Piluso Puddifant Puskar Reid Reid Richardson Ridley Santorelli Seabrook Soares Simoes Smith Soquila Sommerfeld Stanimir Stephens Straight Towns Turris Valenti Vandenberg Verheyden Vetere Waterfield Wiercioch Wong Yip Robin Billingham Mark Dekanich Khaleed Devji Kyle Jones Harrison May

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