Nanaimo-Fort McMurray Trade Finalized:

More futures are becoming known from trades during the 2012-13 season and late last week, details emerged about players going to Fort McMurray of the Alberta Junior Hockey League from the Nanaimo Clippers.

The original deal was this:

The Nanaimo Clippers Hockey Club transfers the playing rights of Kevin Miller (94) (F) and future considerations to the Fort McMurray Oil Barons Hockey Club of the AJHL in exchange for Brock Maschmeyer (92) and future considerations.

No word what the futures are that were sent from the Oil Barons to Nanaimo because as of now, only Maschmeyer headed to the Clippers. I would expect there was some cash involved in the deal.

Fort McMurray tweeted this out on Friday:
Oil Barons acquire from Nanaimo Fwd Matt Grant and Dman Chris Rygus to complete January 10 trade of Brock Maschmeyer.

There are varying reports on Grant and Rygus not reporting to Fort McMurray. In fact, Oil Barons play-by-play man Tyler King tweeted that fact not long after the future considerations were confirmed:

However, (Oil Barons Head Coach Gord) Thibodeau says it’s “not likely at this stage” that either Rygus or Grant will end up at the team’s camp.

So we’ll see where the two end up. Regardless, Fort Mac definitely has some assets to play with in an effort to improve its team.

And with that, the final details of the trade break down like this:

To Nanaimo:
D Brock Maschmeyer (92)
+ Future Considerations

To Fort McMurray:
F Matt Grant (93)
F Kevin Miller (94)
D Christopher Rygus (93)

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