Cowichan Valley Capitals – Where Are They Now?

Cody Adams Anderson Axford Bell Bodger Brown Brown Cain Cassidy Charles Christ Clark Coetzee Corcoran Currie Day Chief Edwards Ellison Frank Gagné Gannon Garrett Gedig Geerin Gehon Gellert Gendur Green Halloran Hammond Hoffman Hohmann Holst Hood Hughes Irwin Jacklin Juhasz Kang King Kinrade Knopp Knowles Kordyban LeBlond Lourens MacDonald MacMillan Massingham Matheson McGill McPherson Mueller Nunn Pajimola Perdicaro Pettapiece Poirier Popowich Primeau Proulx Reddick Ridley Robak Robinson Rogers Saretsky Sochan Sotkowy Stanimir Stibbard Taker Vanderhoek Walrod Weberg Wong Zaires Tim Boron Michael Doan Colin Fernandes Torrie Jung Taylor Pears Alexandre Peck Chris Rawlings Kiefer Smiley Riley Whitlock

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