Merritt Centennials – Where Are They Now?

Ryan Aynsley Baker Barr Bodger Bokenfohr Bokla Bourke Brears Brodie Campos Caron Chang Clark Collins Crawford Daoust Ford Forster Fratkin Fratkin Gannon Gedig Gehon Gemmell Goodship Hamilton Hardy Harrison Herold Hills Hobbs Hoffman Jones Jones Kang Kowalczyk L’Arrivee Leitch Lenz Lindros Lutz MacLeod MacMillan Marshall Martine Mazzarolo McEwan Menton O’Connor Ouellette Payne Pfeil Pierro-Zabotel Quessandier Riley Rogers Salekin Shinkaruk Short Simoes Soquila Stack Stanimir Tomassetti Tresierra Valenti Verheyden Waddell Willcox Witkop Wong Zalba Chimienti (G) Gordon (G) Groenheyde (G) Mainprize (G) May (G) Thiessen (G) Wall (G)

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