Cowichan Valley Deals Forward Alexis Guilbault Back to QJAAAHL:

After just two games with the Capitals, Cowichan Valley has moved 18-year-old forward Alexis Guilbault back to his home province.
Guilbault was traded ahead of the 6 p.m. PST inter-branch deadline to Longueuil Collège-Français of the Quebec Junior A Hockey League for future considerations.

To Longueuil Collège-Français:
F Alexis Guilbault (95) Cowichan Valley Capitals:
Future Considerations


10-Jan-14: Cowichan Valley trades F Alexis Guilbault (95) to Longueuil Collège-Français for future considerations.

10-Jan-14: Trail acquires F Jakson Elynuik (95) and future considerations from Alberni Valley for F Jake Kauppila (95) and future considerations.

09-Jan-14: Nanaimo trades D Chris Newton (94) to Drumheller for future considerations.

09-Jan-14: West Kelowna acquires F Devon McAndrews (95) and future considerations from Spruce Grove for D Taylor Graham (93).

08-Jan-14: Nanaimo acquires D Shay Laurent (93) from Chilliwack for future considerations.

08-Jan-14: Coquitlam acquires D Mark Whiteley (93) from Salmon Arm for future considerations.

08-Jan-14: Victoria acquires F Travis Stephens (93) from Trail for future considerations.

07-Jan-14: Nanaimo acquires F Luke Sandler (93) from Surrey for future considerations.

07-Jan-14: West Kelowna acquires F Nathan Craft (94) from Langley for future considerations.

07-Jan-14: West Kelowna trades D Zane Schartz (94) to Trail for D Braden Pears (93) and future considerations.

07-Jan-14: Alberni Valley acquires F Mitch Owsley (93) from Whitecourt for future considerations.

06-Jan-14: Chilliwack trades F Austin Plevy (94) to Brooks for F Mason Boh (95) and future considerations.

06-Jan-14: Surrey trades F Brett Mulcahy (93) to Vernon for F Chase McMurphy (94) and future considerations.

05-Jan-14: Chilliwack trades D Cooper Rush (93) to Prince George for D Caleb Thompson (94) and future consideration.

04-Jan-14: Penticton trades F Anthony Conti (95) and future considerations to Surrey for F Nic Pierog (93).

03-Jan-14: Vernon trades D Jason Bird (93) and future considerations to Merritt for D Dylan Chanter (95).

03-Jan-14: Coquitlam acquires F Brendan Lamont (94) from Penticton for F Mike Rebry (93).

10-Dec-13: Cowichan Valley acquires F Alexis Guilbault (95) from Cégep de St-Hyacinthe for future considerations.

10-Dec-13: Cowichan Valley trades F Ambrose Firkus (94) to Okotoks for F Taylor Allan (95) and future considerations.

01-Dec-13: Cowichan Valley trades D Taki Pantziris (93) to West Kelowna for F Ambrose Firkus (94).

01-Dec-13: Penticton trades D Matthew Berry-Lamontagna (93), D Clint Filbrandt (95) and future considerations to Cowichan Valley for F Steen Cooper (95).

01-Dec-13: Coquitlam trades D Matthew Berry-Lamontagna (93) to Penticton for future considerations.

Trades Made: 21
Trades Made Within BCHL: 14
Trades Made With Teams Outside BC: 7
Players: 34
Future Considerations: 21

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