Salmon Arm SilverBacks – Graduating Players & Eligible Returnees:

Graduating Players
Landon Smith (Quinnipiac University)
Brendan Kennedy (Queen’s University)
Jeff Kennedy (Queen’s University)
Alex Gillies (Michigan Tech University)
Mitch Ferguson (University of Vermont)
Brett Fagerheim (University of Arizona)
Blake Box (United States Military Academy)
Max Becker (Princeton University)
Evan Anderson (Michigan Tech University)
Adam Clark (University of New Hampshire)

Eligible Returnees
(* indicates an open spot – assuming the team goes with 13 forwards and 7 defensemen)

Alex Jewell (94)
Nick Josephs (94)
Bryden Marsh (94)
Thomas Plese (94)
Jack Berezan (95)
Taylor Maruya (95)
Michael Roberts (95)
Colton Thibault (95)
Connor Brown-Maloski (96)

Andrew Farny (95)
Cole McCaskill (96)

Angus Redmond (95)

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