Coquitlam Express – Eligible Returnees & Graduating Players:

Graduating Players
Ryan Rosenthal (Northeastern University)
Adam Rockwood (University of Wisconsin)
Bo Pieper (Quinnipiac University)
Canon Pieper (Quinnipiac University)
Marc Biega (Merrimack University)
Cameron Marks (University of New Hampshire)
Jace Hennig (Merrimack University)
Cody Boyd (US Military Academy)
John Saunders (Royal Military College)
Mark Whiteley (overage)
J.D. Controneo (overage)
Zach Hodder (overage)
Gordie Defiel (overage)

Eligible Returnees
(* indicates an open spot – assuming the team goes with 13 forwards and 7 defensemen)

Brendan Lamont (94)
Joey Santucci (94)
Daniell Lange (95)
Joshua Smith (95)
Jackson Cressey (96)
Nicholas Rasovic (96)

Anthony Gardner (95)

Pierce Dushenko (95)

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