BCHL Roster Rules for 2014-15:

Just like last year, the BC Hockey League announced a number of changes to rosters after the AGM in June, and I thought I’d recap them and a few other rules as the 2014-15 season starts tonight at the Bauer BCHL Showcase in Chilliwack.

My comments are in italics after the rule.

– The BCHL Roster limit is 22 players at any time, 20 of which are eligible to dress and participate in any regular season or playoff game. (Same as it was in 2013-14)

– An injured player can be placed on long-term injured reserve and another brought in to fill that spot. (Same as 2013-14)

– Teams must have minimum of four rookie players, which is defined as those entering the season with less than 30 games of Junior A experience. (This is a change from previous seasons, when teams were required to have a minimum of two players 17-years-old or younger on their active roster)

– A team may only have six import players on their roster at any one time. An import is defined as an American-born player. No Canadian-born players who are age-eligible to play in any Junior A leagues across the country are considered imports. (This drops from seven in 2013-14 to six for this season. A reminder: an import player is now considered an import for his entire junior A career.)

– Once a player has signed a CHA playing certificate (also known as a “card”), players are bound by the regulations of Hockey Canada and movement to other teams is restricted. (Same as 2013-14)

– There is a “not-in-good-standing” list for players refusing to report to a team after a CJHL Player Transfer Agreement. (If players don’t report after being traded, they’ll receive this designation. It’s the same as in 2013-14)

– A cap of eight player transfers per team during the 2014-15 season. (The key here is that the BCHL doesn’t mean a cap of eight trades per team, it’s a cap of eight player transfers per team.)

– Any player who’s dealt as futures can’t play for his original team the following year. (Basically any team transferring a player to another team as futures means the player can’t return to the team which transferred him the following season. In simpler terms, this eliminates the potential of a player being a playoff “rental” for one team, only to see him return to the team that transferred him.)

– The number of CHA playing certificates available to each team is reduced from 45 to 35. (Every time a team adds a player to its roster, the team is required to “card” the player with Hockey Canada. Now with only 35 cards available between June 1st and January 10th, teams must be more efficient when it comes to signing players. A regular season roster is 22 players (or cards), which leaves just 13 additional cards to make changes with.)

– Affiliate players cannot be called up to a BCHL team until he has played in 10 (correction) five games for his junior B team. (This is a new rule which eliminates a BCHL team from having an agreement with a junior B team to keep a player on the junior B roster, but not playing him in any games.)

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