Trail Smoke Eaters – Graduating Players & Eligible Returnees:

Graduating Players
Bryan Basilico (Lake Superior State)

Bryan Gerstenfeld (Army)
Jake Lucchini (Michigan Tech University)
Craig Martin (Quinnipiac University)
Ryan Swanson (Army)
Conner Wynne (Brown University)
Charlie Zuccarini (Arizona State University)
Dallas Calvin (Selkirk College)
Adam Todd (aged out)

Eligible Returnees
(* indicates an open spot – assuming the team goes with 13 forwards and 7 defensemen)

Harlan Orr (95)
Kienan Scott (96)
Cooper Leitch (96)
Connor Brown-Maloski (96)
Sheldon Brett (96)
Jordan Passmore (96)
Max Newton (97)
Robert Johnson (98)

Evan MacEachern (95)
Stephen Penner (95)
Dexter McLeod (96)

Jeremy Lucchini (97)

Brett Clark (95)

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